Sunday, 9 July 2017

Starting simple

As promised, I said I would share with you my sewing projects.  I am going to start with my very first projects (everyone has to start somewhere).

The sewing machine had arrived, all I needed was some fabrics and a few accessories.  My first attempt was a patchwork drawstring bag.  No pattern, no instructions, just a vague idea.

Fat quarter fabric purchased from a small independent retailer situated in village near me (sadly no longer there).

Realising that I had no patterns, I decided to purchase a couple of magazines for ideas and inspiration.  In Love Sewing Magazine (issue 37)

I came across this wall hanger.  Something to test me - pleats / pin cushions and fringing.  An ok first attempt

I am sure many crafters will understand finding the backing from foam pads months and months after last making a card - well this has now moved on to finding bits of sewing threads all over the place (no matter how many times the dry mop is run over the floor!)

I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday.  Stop by tomorrow for more of my sewing ventures.


Saturday, 8 July 2017

Time flies by.....

5 years since my last blog - now that is neglect!  I hope you are all ok and are still as creative and crafty as ever.

I am no longer an SU demonstrator, but my love for the products hasn't diminished.  Life seemed to have got in the way, lots of challenging times, lots of good times and also lots of experiments with new crafts along the way.  I am going to try and keep you up to date with my new ventures.

So what have I been up to?  I tried my hand at cake decorating - time and patience were my enemy with this one.  Along with trying to handle sugar paste when it was hot - not for the fainthearted.  Here's a couple of my bakes (have to say my son is now 24 and daughter is 16, so the Breaking Bad and Hunger Games cakes are 3 years old now!)

For all future cakes I turn to my talented friend Jean... anyone who has followed by blog before will have seen some of her fabulous creations.

I have a Project Life book underway - although I have to admit this was bought for my daughter to get all of her dancing show photographs sorted and create a memory book..... her interest lasted all of a couple of days, so I am sure I will have to complete that at some point.

So my latest craft interest..... Sewing!  

Apart from cross stitch I have never hemmed anything, let alone used a sewing machine.  I decided one day that I really wanted to try it.... How handy is "one-click" purchase options?  24 hours later a sewing machine arrived and a few you-tube videos watched I was off.  Admittedly I had to ask my mum for some quick set up advice.

Through a mutual friend I have ventured out to a wonderful little craft shop in Birdwell, Barnsley.  I had booked myself on to a sewing class called Patch Quilt and Go.  Proudly off I went with my newly purchased sewing machine.  Fantastic group of ladies and Julie is just amazing, so patient and understanding. 

This is my first ever quilt, created under Julie's guidance.

I highly recommend you having a look over at Julie's web page and the classes that she runs.

 I quickly realised that my lovely little machine was akin to a childs "my first..." toy compared to the computerised, all singing, all sewing machines the ladies had.  But nonetheless it has got me started and it will have a treasured place (when I can find somewhere to store it).  I am currently awaiting delivery of my computerised, all singing, all sewing machine (far too easy to add to basket and buy over the internet)

My intention is to show you what I have made, I will always try and reference where I got my patterns or inspiration from and I really hope you enjoy.

Thanks for stopping by