Sunday, 9 July 2017

Starting simple

As promised, I said I would share with you my sewing projects.  I am going to start with my very first projects (everyone has to start somewhere).

The sewing machine had arrived, all I needed was some fabrics and a few accessories.  My first attempt was a patchwork drawstring bag.  No pattern, no instructions, just a vague idea.

Fat quarter fabric purchased from a small independent retailer situated in village near me (sadly no longer there).

Realising that I had no patterns, I decided to purchase a couple of magazines for ideas and inspiration.  In Love Sewing Magazine (issue 37)

I came across this wall hanger.  Something to test me - pleats / pin cushions and fringing.  An ok first attempt

I am sure many crafters will understand finding the backing from foam pads months and months after last making a card - well this has now moved on to finding bits of sewing threads all over the place (no matter how many times the dry mop is run over the floor!)

I hope you are all having a fantastic Sunday.  Stop by tomorrow for more of my sewing ventures.


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