Thursday, 2 December 2010

Bauble Bash

Evening everyone, how are you coping with the snow? For those of you without snow, how are you this evening, you lucky people?

Another day off work for me, no buses running and the cars couldn't move off the drive. Well 4 hours of digging this morning has put paid to that. I am EX-HAUS-TED!!! I have not done such a workout since...... well forever! Here's some more snow pics - anyone getting bored of them yet? :-)

There is a car under there somewhere!

Didn't even attempt to get the Clio out - she can stay in her igloo for a few more days

After a little sit down and some lunch, I set to crafting. I had a commissioned card for my niece's boyfriend to do and another batch of Xmas cards. Keeping in the festive mood with the snow, I'll post the Xmas cards today.

Browsing through the blogs early this morning, I was inspired by Vicky to get out Baroque Motif and not having a tiny bauble I went for a big one. After my Dasher Marathon the other week, I thought what the heck, make the most of my day off.

My favourite - Concord Crush, sob sob I only had enough left to make 3 cards :(

Baja Breeze and Pacific Point (the flat back rhinestones stand out on this pic)

Cherry Cobbler and Melon Mambo

All together

Forgot to do Rich Razzleberry - I might do them tomorrow after work

I hope you have enjoyed my cards and snow pics - it's back to work tomorrow after all that hard work. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for a few days off :-)

Thanks for stopping by. Keep warm and safe.



  1. WOW! I love them - beautiful and sophisticated !
    OK - you win - you have more snow than we have!!!
    Chris xx

  2. thanks Chris and for the first time I'm probably not happy to win something - well my shoulders and back aren't after all that shovelling!! xx

  3. LOVE these cards ! Your extra snow delivery arrived but still not enough of it lol- you can save the rest til after the weekend now if you like !
    Julie x