Sunday, 20 February 2011

Scrap Book - Party This Way

Morning, still a miserable weekend, weather wise that is! Very cloudy and damp today.

The snow kept away yesterday for me to travel up to Julie's for scrapbook class. However, what a surprise at the amount of snow there was in West Yorkshire. Certainly nothing like that down my way.

The theme was birthdays and it was bright and bold. I have this paper stack, but not yet got round to using it, think it will be making an appearance more now.

As Leanne came with me, she chose the colour schemes for both her and Chris and naturally she had to be the first page :-) The photo she chose was from her 7th Birthday where she had a very grown up Hair and Nails Party in a Salon! Chris's are more traditionally birthday parties!

Sorry about the flash reflection, again the light isn't very good this morning.

Leanne's page had to have a bit of bling!!

I used the rub on numbers for the punched stars

Both pages together

My babies will be celebrating their 18th and 10th birthdays this year. Where has it gone?

My blog is under a bit of a transformation at the moment, so sorry that is a little bland. Hopefully it will be all colourful soon.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Bland is beautiful - and it shows off the beauty of your creations - I'd keep it!

  2. love your scrapbook going to make a start on mine next month!! fingers crossed anyway, like the new look blog too does show off your crafting xx

  3. I thought there was something wrong with my computer Becki! I agree witht eh others - it does show up everything really clearly :)

  4. Becki, just to say your scrapbook pages are fab and Leanne is a little treasure, she was so good yesterday, she is a credit to you! Jules x

  5. Thanks Ladies - have got Leanne and her little friend Lucy scrapbooking today!!