Monday, 29 November 2010

I've neglected......

my blog recently, not by choice but purely by so many things happening lately.

I shall start with some really good news. You may remember a while ago I posted a baby card using the Fun & Fast Notes Set and used Pretty in Pink as the base. Well my prediction of a baby girl was correct. Baby Esther arrived this weeked, a little earlier than expected, but both mum & baby are doing really well. Can't wait to see them both.

This weekend was spent away from the snow - no not in some sunny climate but in London, where we had no snow but it was bitterly cold. A great weekend of shopping, eating, a glass or two of wine and a play. The play was Onassis, based on Aristotle's Onassis and his very colourful life. Now I am a little young to remember this era and needed a quick history lesson from my sister! Robert Lindsay played the main character and all I can say is he was A-MA-ZING :-)

Work related, I have just taken on a Level 5 Management and Leadership course and I'm now wondering whether it was a very good idea!! Think it will be heavy going for the next 9 months. Please be patient with my blog if assignment writing takes over crafting and blogging. Hoping that there will be time for both!

I keep telling myself it will all be worth it..........

It looks as though everyone has been really busy with their blogs and crafting so I am going to have a cup of tea and sit back and read through all your hard work.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to have something crafty to blog very soon.



  1. Hi Beckie. I am glad mum and baby are doing fine. I hope the course goes well. I am a new demonstrator with Julie so I just thought I would pop in and say hello. I have added your blog to my list I hope you don't mind x

    Laura x

  2. Hiya Laura, welcome to the SU family :-) I'm still new to it all as well, so pop in and say hi anytime xxx

  3. How lovely to have a new arrival! (I mean the baby but Laura is also a new arrival - hi Laura!) Good luck with the course Becki.

  4. Thanks Vicky, because of work then snow I haven't been able to have Great Aunty cuddles yet, but hoping to see them both this weekend xx