Saturday, 6 November 2010

Jolly Holidays Class

Afternoon. Grab a cup of tea, tonight's post is longer than usual :-)

We were called late last night to say that my mother-in-law had taken poorly. Unfortunately, she needed to be taken into hospital by ambulance and be checked over. We managed to arrive at the hospital at the same time and were pleased to see that she was in good spirits considering. Late night calls of this kind are always worrying. However, May is a very spritely 83 year old and is probably fitter than most of us! A 4 hour wait to be seen, it was Bonfire night and a Friday night thrown in, makes a very busy A&E department. We finally got home at 4am and brought May with us. Thank goodness no admission required.

This afternoon was my first class and it has been a fantastic afternoon. I have to say a huge thank you to the lovely ladies that came along. Also a huge thank you for your patience with me as lack of sleep can sometimes make your brain a little fuddled!!

At the start of the afternoon a couple of the girls said they weren't creative - well I have to really disagree there were some fantastic cards being produced.

The basis of the session was part of a tutorial from Jenny Moors blog.

I hope you're ready for a slide show:-

Display table along with stamping and cutting stations

The room

Yum Yum - Fabulous Cup Cakes, courtesy of a wonderful friend - thanks Janet xx (have you noticed some are missing lol)

Hard at work

Very industrious

Sue and Lisa being very serious :-)

Some fab creations

I hope you can forgive me, but I seem to have forgotten to take a photo of the cards planned (they are on the display table, but you can't see them) - I think it's time for bed!

I can't wait for the next class - thanks again ladies for a great afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a fab evening.



  1. Wow Becki! Looks like you had a great time - great that you are sharing such a wonderful skill xx

  2. I'm sure you would have preferred not to make that nocturnal visit to the hospital but it's great to hear that May is okay. Glad to hear you had a fab afternoon - it looks amazing!

  3. Glad to hear all okay. Your class photos look great
    Julie x

  4. wowser Missus.
    The class photos look fab, projects are great too, and there are some familiar faces there too.. is Sue the one with short hair? She looks really familiar, but don't know why... !

    Glad you had a fantastic day. xx

  5. Thanks for your lovely comments ladies, they mean so much to me. Jo - you may know Sue from Children's OPD xx