Monday, 19 July 2010


Well the nerves are getting the better of me!! Tomorrow is my presentation and exam on my City & Guilds Trainer Course. I have just done a run through of the powerpoint presentation I am giving, which is on my card craft hobby. Delivering to an empty bedroom is weird, and I felt nervous with no audience. Goodness knows how tomorrow is going to go.

Then I demonstrated, again to an empty room, on how to assemble a gift basket. I even asked my imaginary students if they were keeping up with me and did they need any assistance!!

Fingers crossed that the exam goes well too :-o It will all come in handy for when I become a demonstrator!!!

On to nicer things - Leanne came home from dance class tonight with a DVD copy of the dance school's production of Beauty & the Beast. Leanne played "Chip" the little tea cup. I hadn't seen any of the show as I spent the entire time backstage for costume changes. It was wonderful to watch, although the stage lighting at the front was a little dark, so when the dancers were up front their faces were lost on the DVD. However, the spirit wasn't lost and she danced her little heart out. I am so proud of her. I have no idea where she gets her talent from!!

No cards to show tonight, there just hasn't been time today to make any. I shall keep you posted on how tomorrow goes.

Bye for now


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