Sunday, 18 July 2010

Well I said I wouldn't but I did..........

I succumbed to a last minute decision this afternoon to go to Doncaster Racecourse. Not to watch the horses, but to the Create and Craft Event.

The good thing about turning up at 2:50pm on a Sunday afternoon is that I didn't have to pay an entry fee for me and my daughter, Leanne (she's only 9). My daughter got very nervous when she saw Nigel - said she couldn't believe she was seeing a celeb!! All the familiar faces from the show were there, as was one of my crafty friends, Elaine.

It was a little overwhelming with all the different craft stalls. However, the bargain of the day had to be the stall selling off 10 packs of brads for £1.50 (it was a bit of scrum to get to them, but I did). She also put me together 4 packs of 12x12 Disney papers for 50p!!

I'm off now for a well earned cup of tea - it's hard work this crafting :-)


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