Friday, 20 August 2010

Chocolate Chip

I've decided that this afternoon my blog will be about what went right and what went wrong. It doesn't always have to be a perfect blog or a perfect card, it isn't a perfect world afterall.

What went right?

Leanne and I decided to do some baking this afternoon. I haven't baked for an absolute age and I'm not brilliant at it. So raiding the cupboards we had ingredients to do brownies and chocolate crispies.

Here is Leanne thoroughly enjoying the mixture remnants in the bowl. For the crispies we used melted chocolate, choc chips and mashed up maltesers. Yum Yum.

For the brownies we threw in the chocolate chips - again Yum.

Inspired by chocolate chip I thought I would whip up a card in no time. I used the muffin die from Nestabilities, Martha Stewart Punches, SU Card Stock (except for the brown that's from my stash - must've used all my SU choc chip). Also used one of the Itty Bitty stamps for the back ground.

What went wrong?

The choc chips in the brownies sunk - Jean HELP!! What did I do wrong??

I created such a mess in my craft room for this little card, then cut the brown border to short (hence the little flower at the end), there is ghosting on the flower stamps, I over did it with the sprinkles (which were created from the dots left over from punching, SU glitter and white sakura pen). I then ran over the card stock on the floor with my computer chair!!

But do you know what??

Inspite of it all we've had a fab afternoon :-) Plus the brownies and crispies taste fab.

Hope you are having a good day.



  1. ps I figured out how to do a hyper link!!

  2. so how do you do a hyperlink? I don't now what went wrong with your choc chip brownies, without knowing what ingredients you put in and weights etc - I'm not a bun maker but will look in some of my (hundreds of) cake books to see if there is any advive! Sounds like you've had a wnderful day though - Leannie will be wanting you to make mice next:)

  3. When typing up your blog highlight the name you want to hyperlink, then pick the hyperlink icon from the toolbar (near photo icon) then just type in web address - easy as that :-) I think the sinking chips had something to do with Leanne emptying the bag in lol, the crispies were much easier to do xxx

  4. Becki, glad I'm not the only hyperlink newbie !
    Did you have to ask your daughter lol?
    Remember in card making there are no mistakes- just add another layer !!
    Not sure it works for cakes though ! xx

  5. Again I was inspired to do something from your blog Julie, so now I can hyperlink :-)xx