Monday, 9 August 2010

Golden Anniversary

Afternoon - it's actually nice to be posting in the afternoon rather than late on a week night :-)

Have been at the Hospital with Chris today, who has been pronounced fit and well for his surgery next week. He was very nervous as had pre-warned him that a blood test would be required. But he did really well and it didn't require 6 nurses pinning him down (probably much to his dismay).

Will keep you updated on his surgery.

I have a few golden wedding anniversaries coming up over the next few months, so here's the first. I think the Bookatrix is really spot on for this type of card. I think for the next one I will replace the bells with a photograph of the couple from their wedding day.

Finally I couldn't sign off today without showing you a card that Leanne made last night. I fear that my crafting stash will start disappearing!!!

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. lovely cards - a chip off the 'old block!!

  2. I have finally found an activity that keeps her quiet for 5 minutes!! She never stops talking :-) x