Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Preparing to Scrap

It's only a little over a month away, so I thought I'd start to prepare for Julie's Scrapbook class. The first class is on Xmas, so Xmas photos required. Not a problem I thought, just get out the photo albums and choose a few pics.

Oh dear, 15 photo albums and 12 hours later, Leanne and I still haven't got through them all. I think there are still more albums up in the cupboard, in fact I know there are because the Florida photos haven't appeared yet!!! And there is the obligatory box of all odds and ends.

The funny thing is, is that from 2005 onwards it is all digital, so the pics are held on the computer, can you imagine how many more hours we would have spent looking back??

All said and done, what a trip down memory lane we have had. It has been wonderful. Apart from Leanne's comments regarding the ever changing fashions, in particular the ones with my wonderful glasses that look like Deirdre Barlows :-)

I am sure I will be back later today with some card craft.

Hope you're having a good day.



  1. Scrap booking is addictive becki...well, so is everything else!! especially cakes:)

  2. All papercrafting at the minute is addictive!! I am going to stay well away from sugar crafting and cakes - the cakes would never get to the clients as I would probably end up eating them all :-O I shall stay a very happy customer of yours xx